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Share Your Phone with the World


Windows Phone market share is growing rapidly worldwide. As more our family members pick up Windows Phones it’s likely that at some point we’ll get asked to teach them how to use a particular feature. With that in mind, if you haven’t seen Nokia Beamer yet definitely check it out. It allows you to wirelessly and for free transmit your Nokia phone screen to any browser in the world.

You can transmit from your phone to desktop browser as seen here and you can transmit from your phone to another phone as seen here.

Only the sender has to be a Nokia phone, the recipient can be any device. But obviously if your family member has a Nokia it will be helpful that they can share their screen back with you.

Those videos show more latency than I have personally experienced. From phone to PC I saw about 1 to 1.5 second lag time and up to 4 frames per second. Obviously phone to phone speeds will vary depending on the cellular network speed.

If you or the person you’re connecting with has a small data plan you can also turn off “auto refresh” mode and simply shake the phone to send a single frame. Now that’s cool!

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