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Helpful Notes on SemanticZoom

A partner was recently having difficulties getting SemanticZoom to display the data he wanted. I realized quickly that there was a misunderstanding about how the control works. Here are the notes I shared with him that helped him get back on track:

  • SemanticZoom is a control that “wraps” two other controls by assigning those controls to the ZoomedOutView and ZoomedInView properties or by nesting those controls in the <SemanticZoom.ZoomedOutView> and <SemanticZoom.ZoomedInView> child tags
  • ZoomedInView is the control that the user will interact with most of the time
  • ZoomedOutView is the control the user will interact with when they semantic zoom
  • When the user does the pinch gesture, SemanticZoom automatically scales and cross-fades between the two controls to give the illusion of zooming in or out
  • Any control can be supplied for ZoomedOutView or ZoomedInView but the control must implement the ISemanticZoomInfo interface
  • Note that ListBox does not inherit from ListViewBase and therefore does not implement ISemanticZoomInfo so it cannot be used in SemanticZoom. However, ListView functions almost identically to ListBox.
  • Usually ZoomedInView displays the items in the CollectionViewSource and ZoomedOutView displays the groups.
  • ZoomedInView can use one DataTemplate to represent the items and ZoomedOutView can use an entirely different DataTemplate to represent the groups.
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