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Windows 8 Dev Camps in a City Near You


Join us for this free, full-day event designed to share all the knowledge you need to start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8—today. We’ll begin by showing you how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive, and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C#, and C/C++. Your existing investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers.

Whatever language you choose, your app gets deep integration with the Windows shell, including notifications, live tiles, deep links, and contracts with other apps. And now you can build once and support all Windows customers, no matter what type of PC they have—from tablets to laptops to convertibles to desktops.

We’ll cap the day off with an open, hands-on lab session. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your dream application under way, or finish that app you’ve already started—with Windows 8 experts available to guide you through every step. Bring your laptop or tablet to join in the fun, and show off your skills while getting started on developing your company’s first Metro application.



If at all possible, please bring a laptop with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the Tools + SDK loaded. You’ll need this if you want to participate in the labs.

If you’re not yet ready to leave Windows 7 for Windows 8 (Beta) you can install Windows 8 alongside Windows 7. This is not recommended if you have less than 40 GB of free space but it’s a great way to keep both environments intact and even share files between them. This article shows you how.



This free event is brought to you by Microsoft; however, you are responsible for booking and funding your own travel and accommodations. Please note that there is limited space available for this event, so be sure to register early at a location near you.

FREE Events

Seating is limited, so register today.

Registration opens at 8:30 A.M.

Event starts at 9:00 A.M.


Notice to all U.S. government employees (including Military and Public Education personnel)

Due to applicable government gift and ethics rules, Microsoft cannot provide government employees with “giveaways” of Microsoft products or other items of value. In an effort to comply with these rules, further information on Microsoft’s compliance with U.S. government gift and ethics rules can be found here. Please be sure to prepare accordingly for your attendance and participation.

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