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Windows 8 at Frontier Fiesta


Windows 8 is coming and it brings a huge change in mobile computing. If you own an iPad or an Android tablet today you know they give you longer battery life and a touch interface that’s easy to use on the go. Unfortunately they’re also completely different to use, have different apps, and none of your documents, photos and music are available on them unless they’ve been synced. Imagine a computer with long battery life and apps that work just as well with touch as they do a keyboard and mouse. Then imagine popping a portable device out of a dock and taking absolutely everything with you when you go. That’s the power of Windows 8.



Get Windows 8 Beta at Frontier Fiesta

Starting Saturday the 24th we will have 20 flash drives loaded with Windows 8 Beta and the Windows 8 Developer tools. Come by the booth with any laptop you’re willing to put beta software on and we’ll help you install fresh or upgrade to Windows 8. Just remember it’s a beta. Back up your important things before you arrive.


Win an 8GB Flash Drive

The first 20 students to install Windows 8 at the booth will get to keep one of the 8GB flash drives. You have to come back at the end of the event to claim your prize though, we’ll need em!


Learn to Use Windows 8 and Build Apps

Jared Bienz from Microsoft will be at the Cougar CS booth Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. He’ll have a prototype Windows 8 device and he’ll show how to use the OS and answer questions about the dev tools.

If you’re interested in building apps for Windows 8, be sure to come by the booth at 3:00 PM. Jared will demo using Visual Studio 2011 and the latest Expression Blend tools to design, build and simulate running a Windows 8 app on different devices.

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