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Apples, Wine and Cheese

A friend of mine just passed me a link to a series of tech talks that Apple is putting on around the world:


We noticed a few interesting differences between the way that Apple is doing their events compared to the way Microsoft runs ours. The first one, and the one I think is the most fun: they’re providing wine and cheese. It’s from 6:00 to 7:00 so I don’t know if the wine and cheese is in addition to dinner or instead of dinner, but at Microsoft events we’ve never done anything like that. Sure we have open bars all the time, but wine and cheese has a different connotation.

Next we noticed that they’re giving priority admission to developers who have written and submitted at least one app, and they’re having the information presented at the event covered under NDA (so photographs and recordings are not allowed).

As a Microsoft employee who frequently hosts and attends Microsoft events, I’m curious what Microsoft developers would think about this format. For you Microsoft developers out there, would wine and cheese be more appealing than an open bar with your choice of beer? And how would you feel about an event where you couldn’t talk about what you saw when you left? Would the secrecy be worth getting more of an inside scoop, and would you really be willing to stick to it? What about events that give priority to people who have published apps? Would you be deterred from signing up knowing that you might get bumped? Or would you feel like you’re getting preferential treatment because you’ve actually built something on the platform?


I’ve enabled commenting without moderator approval for this post. Let me know what you think.

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